Health check

All too often we see health treatments administered as a belated response to adverse symptoms. However, having regular check-ups and gentle therapy is often a more effective method of preventing problems, rather than solely relying on a reactive remedy.

At High Silver Clinic we provide a regular health check service. By periodically thoroughly examining your horse we can anticipate problems, gently treat both minor and major issues within the musculoskeletal framework and optimize good temperament and health of your horse.

This essential maintenance supports the soundness of your horse. By undergoing these restorative and calming treatments, reach levels your horse reach levels of peak performance before a competition or event. In addition, they are a great way of keeping your horse in a happy and content state.

As with all our services, we are able to visit your stables at regular times and conduct a full examination that includes observing the horse’s movement. In addition, we also talk through any changes in the horse’s behaviour and temperament with the rider. This allows us to enhance performance, speed recovery, prevent injury and ease discomfort.

To find out how regular health checks and preventative therapy could benefit your horse, please contact High Silver Clinic on 07584193295or fill in the contact form below.

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