Recapturing Your Horse’s Vitality

Are you experiencing problems when riding your horse? By using a careful system of gentle manipulations your horse can quickly be returned to full performance.




Equine osteopathy is a non-invasive therapy. It uses a system of physical techniques that promotes and optimizes movement and function throughout a horse’s body. Our standard procedure is as follows:

  • Full Case History – Understanding both the horse’s long term history and its recent behavior provide the preliminary window into the causes of the problem. Malaise, lack of energy and abnormal behavior are often important symptoms of deeper issues.
  • Observation – By watching the horse walk and trot it is possible to assess the range of movement available to the animal. Restricted movement is one of the key indicators of stiffness and weakness
  • Examination – During the inspection of the horse we try to activate the culprit tissue causing the symptoms in order to recreate the problem in a therapeutic environment. This allows us to understand the stresses with its musculoskeletal system.
  • Treatment – Using gentle manipulations, pressure and massage we effectively correct minor imperfections in your horse’s posture. You will be able to see an immediate change following these treatments.
  • Further Care –Our service extends beyond the treatment room. Where necessary we provide a full schedule of exercises, including stretches and movements that will help prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

Following our schedule of treatment, we produce a full report that details both the suspected problems with your horse and the osteopathic techniques used in a therapeutic capacity. This also lists any danger signs that the issues may be returning, allowing you to react quickly to changes in your horse’s movement or temperament.

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