A Well-Balanced Rider means a Well-Balanced Horse

Many of the common problems occurring in a horse’s musculoskeletal system originate with the rider. Discrepancies in posture and poise are transferred whilst riding causing undue stress on the horse’s movement. Osteopathic therapy releases the pressures and strains within the rider’s body, easing the tension placed on your horse.

Following the full examination of your horse, we can often quickly predict the issues that you may be experiencing.

Our service starts with you. We offer a fully confidential service, using clear, understandable language to ensure you receive the complete picture of the problem and the proposed treatment.

  • By understanding your medical history complete with a full discussion regarding any symptoms, including both physical and psychological that you may have been experiencing, we form an initial diagnosis.
  • This evaluation forms the basis of our treatment. Through gentle manipulations, thrusts and massaging techniques, we endeavour to correct minor discrepancies within your body’s musculoskeletal system.
  • We suggest a system of exercises and stretches to ensure that the effects of the treatment persist, preventing a reoccurrence of the same symptoms that have caused difficulties for you and your horse.

Have you noticed changes in your posture or aches and strains in your body? Could these be affecting your horse? For an initial consultation call High Silver Clinic on 07584193295or fill in the contact form below.

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